The Curly Club at Mint

Curl by Curl Cutting & Curly Girl Method Curl Care

Our Director Michelle introduced The Curly Club at Mint in 2021 and now specialises in cutting Curly Hair and advising people how to take care of their curls at home. Although based on the Curly Girl Method Michelle believes that there is no 'One size fits all approach' when it comes to Curly Hair as it is so individual. Being one of only a few Stylists in the Country to cut Curly hair with this method Michelle has found that this is a much sought after service.

The hair is cut dry, in its completely natural state with no products and having been left to air dry, it is then cut curl by curl whilst being encouraged to form a more definite curl. the hair can look and feel completely different after just one cut. With each Package you will get a personalised Programme emailed to you so that you can continue to look after your curls at home, this will let you know your Curl type, products to suit your hair, a Haircare regime and any hints and tips you may have discussed during your appointment.

As you can see from these before and after photos, once the hair has been cut Curl by Curl it is less frizzy, more defined and already looks healthier.

Both of these clients had not had a Curl by Curl cut before.

Curly Girl Packages

                         Package 2.

Curl by Curl Cut, Deep Conditioning Treatment & Personalised Haircare Programme to look after your curls at home.


Package 1. 

Consultation, Curl by Curl Cut.


With Personalised Programme 


I'm a pa      Package 3.

Curl by Curl Cut, Introduction to Curly Girl, Personalised Hair Care Programme to look after your curls at home & a Starter Kit.